We are secure in the knowledge and peace that we are in the center of the Lord's will, yet we must convince the Romanian government to agree. Three major hurtles remain... 1. Our container has yet to arrive, then pass customs, then get to our apartment...2. Our 98 VW van, which is in fine order, is rated "Euro Two" which means it cannot pass the Romanian standard for registration. It cannot be changed and there are no exceptions to this regulation. We will try to register it in Germany this coming week but this is expensive, troublesome and I must drive 25 hours back to Germany to accomplish it. If this does not work out we have no option but to sell the van and buy something less utilitarian. The van has high miles and would not fetch much so pray we can register in Germany...3. We must obtain a 5 year visa. It may work out that because of my age we qualify for a retirement visa which would be simple and great. Pray to that end...we hope to find this out this week. All three of these hurtles could be successfully jumped over this coming week-to-ten-days. We will be able to see the ministry clearly when all this dust settles.

PHOTOS OF MINISTRY click to see pictures
Included in this report are photos taken this past Saturday in the town center of Brasov, Romania. In the view from the hillside you will notice an open, public area just to the right of the steeple...this is a most WONDERFUL place to minister. Most of the rest of the photos are of ministry there in that public fountain area. The photo of the young man is the one mentioned who repented and received the Lord last Sunday. His name is Andrew...pray for him he has a long way to go. That is all I can say of him right now. While ministering this past Saturday we had nearly a dozen people approach us and want to talk about spiritual things. This is so different from the U.S. that I have to work at adjusting. Whenever anyone approached us in America it was to heckle or complain or to get you to stop so I am used to NOT stopping and have taught that...but here they are genuinely interested and want to inquire further so I stop and engage in spiritual conversation. It is most pleasant. As you can see from the photos, Robin and Mary pass out tracts while I play, sing, and preach. A man approached me while I was singing and tried to give me back a tract. I tried to refuse it but he rattled on in Romanian and was friendly but insistent. I finally took the tract only to discover that he had filled in the back of the Fellowship Tract where you put your name and address if you have followed the instructions how to receive the Lord as your saviour. I had no interpreter with me so I will try to make this visit Monday with an interpreter. Glory to the Lord for more fruit.

Coming home from church tonight we travelled a long lonely, dark, winding, dangerous, mountain road. There was little or no oncoming traffic and we were rejoicing in that when...ALL OF A SUDDEN...as I rounded a hair pin curve, shifting and trying to keep my momentum and still negotiate the curve...my eye caught the head of a horse, then the body, then the wagon, then the piled-high-hay, then the gypsies walking along beside holding a dim flashlight...all just 18 inches away coming in the opposing lane...in a flash we were past them...a kind-of-a what-was-that experience...WELCOME to the contrasts of eastern Europe. LEARNING THE LANGUAGE The Lord has provided us with an outstanding language teacher. Caty is spending three hours each week in our home and even after only one week we feel very encouraged in learning our phrases and actually picking up a word or two from the local conversations. Well, in closing please allow me to bestow upon you the Romanian for God bless you.

Dumnezeu Sa te binecuvinteze