November 22, 2004

Winter finally arrived in Brasov… but the gospel still warms hearts… especially the hearts of those who publish it. (Psa 68:11 KJV) The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. We joined forces with the Logans for a street meeting in the square on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM. Bitter cold did not deter the affect of the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the photos (if they transfer through cyberspace) show some of the preaching with snow on the roofs in the background. More photos can be viewed on the web site Notice also the Romanian language scripture signs. Thanks Bro. Dickman. Also the Romanian language banner. Thanks Becky Hance. We still put out a plea for Romanian tracts. We have some Fellowship tracts coming on Bro. Logan’s container but that is several weeks in the future. If anyone cares…the “Tiny Shoes” chick tract is probably the best for over here. It is read many times as it is passed around and it deals with one of the main social ills here…Fire Water. Any Chick tract in Romanian would be well received. We could use a ton or two of these. There is liberty for publick ministry so far as we have tested the waters in eastern Europe. During the course of our street meeting we had at least 50 people listening intently. Several approached and inquired in English. We are just beginning in this ministry but we see that the potential is very encouraging. We are looking, along with the Logans for a building to use for a church and expect to begin soon. Every street meeting here so far has produced several folk expressing interest in further training and fellowship. We are excited. Pray for a building, tracts, and souls.

With the money from the sale of the van in Germany burning a hole in my pocket combined with the serious hindrance of using public transportation for everything including lugging all the paraphernalia for a street meeting, and then adding the mentality of the American love affair with the automobile…I was motivated this past Saturday to travel to a large field where auto trading is done. If anything like this exists in the USA I do not know of it. There must have been several hundred used autos, trucks, vans, work vehicles, etc on display along with several hundred men milling about looking over the merchandise. You pay a small fee to drive your vehicle in and then you display all the vital statistics on a form on your dash. It was very cold when we arrived, possibly 25 degrees F. I wore the wrong light scripture jacket and thus was not excited about milling about. I looked at several vans and came to the conclusion that the passenger van, which we will eventually need very much for the ministry, was going to have to be an item for the future…as the ones that might meet our need started at 10,000 euro. Since the sale of the van in Germany did not afford us that indulgence I had to lower my sights to the immediate need. Looking now in a broader view the Lord quickly put His finger on a VW Passat station wagon. It has auto four-wheel drive which is very necessary where I presently live. It is large enough for my family and ministry equipment. It is in very good shape and will do the job for now and has a promise of good resale value. As I began to make the deal, within the struggle of the language grid, the weather rapidly deteriorated into a blizzard with 40 MPH winds. In some of the most miserable weather I have experienced in the past 20 years I attained unto the American dream…my own wheels. Please make the passenger van a matter of prayer.

The longer I am in the ministry, the more I want to do. So pray that the Lord will open the doors. There is a very good possibility that I will have a teaching position in one of the private universities here. I will be teaching either some form of history or maybe even Bible. It is hard to imagine the doors of contact this would open for our ministry. The university is looking into this as I write. I would also like to write an article for the newspaper here. Bro. Logan wants to do a mass mailing to the whole city, he is also bringing in a sawmill, and a printing press. It will not be long before we are needing others to help in this ministry. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into his harvest.
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