Ninety-three days ago we drove into Romania. So much has progressed in that time and the Lord has accomplished so verysr13-1.jpg (29179 bytes) much that we all are spinning with amazement. Read the past 12 reports to get the details concerning living quarters, container, 5 year visa, language accomplishments, auto, street meetings, salvation of young Romanian men, Bro. Logan's arrival, container, 5 year visa, his work on the street and labor in starting the first church, and now we can announce the official establishment of that first church, in it's own building, in downtown Brasov, Romania. THAT'S RIGHT... a direct answer to many of your prayers and a result of much labor on the part of Bro. Logan and some Romanians working with him. We had our first service there today and had 29 in attendance. Nearly a dozen little gypsy rug-rats came from the streets along with four grown men whom we invited during the street meeting the day before. The rest were our families and Romanian friends who have attended before. Pastor Logan preached a marvellous message and Andrew (the second Andrew) interpreted. WOW...he has only been saved about 5 weeks. He did a great job interpreting. The attached photos show Pastor Logan preaching in our new building, the rug-rats reading chick tracts and the street meeting from the day before. There is still a lot of work to do to get the house of God beautified and operating at full steam but we all sr13-2.jpg (33867 bytes)enjoyed the first Sunday morning meeting with all the new folk.


In a previous report I sent a photo of Dan preaching on the street for the first time. He had been saved less than two weeks.sr13-3.jpg (55254 bytes) The photo attached here is of Andrew preaching for the first time. He really enjoyed it, as we all did. The Lord has already given us two zealous, young men to work with us both in the church and on the streets. We do not take this miracle for granted. We prayed and solicited prayer for these young men and more like them to work with us with both heart and hand. THANK YOU LORD.

Please pray for the sawmill to come into Romania this coming week and for these young men to grow and for the church to be fully established. Thanks for all your prayers. We enjoy it when some of you reply to these...makes us feel good that someone out there actually reads them and maybe prays for us.

Our phone from the states is 011-40-788-188-368 and we love hearing from some of you.