SWAT REPORT # 24   05-24-05


(Mat 19:14 KJV)  But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

After a street meeting in the Philippines we were exhausted from the heat.  Trying to nap, while fully aware of the oscillating fan above, we heard tiny voices.  Someone was speaking softly outside our window… just above a whisper.  We slipped to the window and listened carefully… “Americanos, Americanos… we love you.”   We were rejected by the majority of adults we had just attempted to minister to but kids are always open to the Lord. 

We had a very difficult time getting adults to come to our church in Northern Ireland but I could pack 17 kids into my 5 passenger car and with several trips nearly fill the auditorium with “we-uns.”

I passed out balloons with tracts in them to the thronging children in Ukraine and nearly started a riot when I ran out. 

I preached in the only A.C.E. school in Slovakia and juggled for an illustration… the kids would have elected me president immediately. 

The kids sat on the cement floor in Trinidad while I preached and never caused a problem.

In Romania the kids gather immediately in the villages when they hear the accordion coming down the dirt path.  They shove each other for a position closest to me.  They poke you, wanting another tract with five hanging out of their pockets.  They ALL want their picture taken…and fight to see it instantly on the digital camera…they come to church and sit attentively , sing with all their heart, participate in all the motions of the song, even if they are learning and make mistakes, they respond to the lesson or sermon…and can answer questions that night from the morning lesson in order that they may win a candy bar.  Kids are great.  Filipino, Mexican, Romanian, Gypsy, Russian, Slovak…they are all great.  No wonder Jesus said, Except ye become as little children…

In the attached photos you will see some of the village kids.  Some of them come to our SS and all of them are ministered to by us when we go to the villages.  Better get them while you can… Thank God for all the adults the Lord has given us but thank God for the kids.
Van fund at the mission board is up to just under $5,000 but we need a lot more to be able to get a reliable van in Romania.   Still praying

Serving with you but on the eastern front.

Gerald Sutek