SWAT REPORT # 26   06-18-05


Several folk have asked about sending us Chick tracts and we always need them. We are grateful to those who have followed through and sent some Chick tracts and we have received those.  Others of these folk went so far as to request what specific Chick tract would be best and what would we want printed on the back.  But I cannot remember anyone actually telling me they had ordered them and the tracts were on the way…but we have recently received a supply of “Love Story” in Romanian and I wish to thank whomever it may have been that sent them.  On a typical street meeting we use at least one box of Chick tracts…1,000.

recent street meeting
See photo for a recent street meeting.  We also supplement with other tracts.   Probably less than one percent of the people here refuse tracts so we are trying to take advantage of that while it lasts. 


With the European Union coming towards us fast…this will quickly change.  I remember in London about 12 years ago only about one out of every 6-7 people took tracts.  Ask any missionary in France or Germany about the percentage there.  When I was in Ukraine about 8 years ago…no one refuse a tract unless they were visiting from the west.  Ask any missionary there now and they will report that it is not that way now.  I walk for exercise several mornings per week…I leave my house with a backpack of tracts…in an hour to an hour and a half I can put out between 450-500 tracts just walking to and from the post office to check my mail.  So you can see that we are in constant need of Chick tracts.


 I had an idea for a Chick tract that would be ideal for Romania. It dealt with the particular problem of the oppression of the Orthodox and their idolatry in pictures as well as their contrary Bible teaching.   I sent it to Jack Chick and he said the Lord gave him the liberty to develop the tract.  The title of the tract is “What’s Wrong With This.”  It will be available this summer and will be available in English as well as Romanian.   My translator here, the “second Andrew” said this tract would be the best suited for his people.  He also is the one who translated this tract into Romanian.   If anyone would like to help us obtain a supply of these…this would be much appreciated. 


We have had quite a few tracts mailed back to us from our city as well as from other countries.  This, of course, is very encouraging to all of us.   Also, some folk have called in response to receiving a tract, and hopefully have either come or will come to our church.  Speaking of our church…look at this photo and you can see our new sign.  We are very happy to advertise for truth in our community. 
our new sign


We had two young ladies in their late teens and maybe early 20’s get saved in Racos last week.  One of our national preachers (Ishtvan) led them to the Lord.  We have also had several of our folk lead some of their relatives to the Lord but they live in other cities or villages.  This is really encouraging to have our people doing the work of evangelism.  Two Gypsy brothers (Anghel and Mihai) who have been faithful, along with their families, to attend our church from Racos experienced their first publick ministry this week.  They took to it with great zeal and vigor.   This is great to see the next generation of the church hard at work among their own people.  Please pray for these folk by name, or better yet, come and meet them in person. 

Serving with you but on the eastern front.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ

2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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