SWAT REPORT  # 31    08-02-05  (see photos below)


 (Mark 12:37 KJV)   And the common people heard him gladly.

The people in Racos village are common people…that is, they do things all of us do but maybe with a bit more effort because they lack in modern equipment.  Thank God for common people…we get fed up with fancy people who have invented (Eccl 7:29 KJV)  Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions.) their way around the Lord.  This summer has brought in hoards of tourists from a lot of countries but mostly from USA…we can spot them when we preach in center square…I can almost tell you where they are from…they all wear Bermudas, either a straw hat they just bought at a tourist trap or a NYPD cap…they follow the guide who is holding a little yellow flag…and they all look very disdainfully upon our publick ministry activity…I love  to walk right up to them and ask in clear, American English, “Hello, where are you from?”…they are startled but thrilled and they respond, “Cleveland”, “Philadelphia”, “San Diego”, “St. Petersburg”, “Fort Worth”, and it has not mattered up till now where they say they are from…I tell them I have preached there many times…I tell them something about their city and even the exact location where I have preached…they begrudgingly acknowledge my geography and ask what I am doing here…I tell them I am warning people to stay out of Hell…this usually is the beginning of the end of our nice conversation…their mind is inventing ways to get out of this encounter with God. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL DAY (actually it was Saturday)

Well, let’s get back to the common folk…OK…We had a great, but hot, day in Racos village this Saturday.  Robin taught a SS class to some of the kids and they loved it.  Note photo # 4823…some forgot to dress for the class…Robin taught them the bare facts and they certainly got the naked truth.  Robin did a great job and loved it.  We do not yet have rooms in our church building in Brasov for divided SS classes so we have just one big hour for all the children but when we come to Racos we can gather them under a shade tree and teach them.  The kids are learning some songs, verses from the Bible and Bible stories.

The preaching, teaching and visiting in Racos translated into two souls saved in our church on Sunday in Brasov.  Our Gypsy families brought more of their relatives and an older teen boy was saved and a middle-aged sister of Anghel and Mihai was also saved.  What a wonderful experience to pick fruit.  We also had an older lady come to the alter on Sunday and receive the Lord.   And one more on a street meeting on Thursday…pray we can keep all of these in the church.


Note photo # 4794   This should nudge all the ladies reading this to take a moment and thank the Lord for your clothes dryer or even clothes line.  Hey, at least they wash them.  Many of them have washed their souls as well. 


Note photo # 4813   This ought to make all you farmers drop to your knees in grateful thanks for your combines and hay bailers.  The ones who can work…work hard…this is America 100 years ago…but Europe is rushing in upon these simple people and bringing with it all of its inventions against the Lord. (Psa 106:39 KJV)  Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.

Sure could use a van…the fund has seemed to stagnate at about $8,000 and we cannot act until we have about $15,000.  We have had to rent a van for occasions and this money could have been used to buy Bibles.

Very happy to be serving on the still fruitful fields of the eastern front.

Gerald Sutek

And the SWAT TEAM for Christ

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