SWAT REPORT # 43 12-19-05


We really did not know what to expect this week in Racos. The weather certainly did not lend itself to any outdoor ministry with snow and cold wind. We were pleasantly surprised to find 35 kids and a few adults gathered to worship the God of all seasons. See photo #4301. The kids sang themselves warm (see photo 4302) and stayed with us to hear Dan teach a Bible story from Daniel. Dan very effecitvely used a mouse puppet for illustrate (see photo4304) and led them in prayer on their knees in the cold snow. The puppet told the kids to read their Bibles…he said, "I read my Bible"…one kid yelled out… "You're a mouse, how can you read the Bible?" See photo 4303. Notice the small fry who climbed the fence in order to see over the crowd (see photo 4305). And almost could not get out of town due to the traffic jam (see photo 4306). This was probably due to Christmas shopping. Please pray for a permanent building in Racos for our two groups to meet comfortably in.

We had a most powerful street meeting in Brasov this past Friday night…The center square where we usually preach was pulsating with earsplitting rock music and so did not lend itself to our ministry. We met there but then we decided to march down a long pedestrian only shopping area to another location for the meeting…as we walked we sang and held scripture banners and drew the attention of many hundreds who normally would never have noticed us. It was very much fun and our men and ladies who help with publick ministry really enjoyed it.

We wish all of you a very joyous Christmas season and urge each one to take full advantage of the opportunities this season of the year affords us to get the gospel in to receptive hands and hearts.

Joyously serving the Lord through the cold winter of the eastern front

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