SWAT REPORT #62 07-31-06

"And when they were come to him, he said unto them, Ye know, from the first day that I came into Asia, after what manner I have been with you at all seasons,"  Act 20:18


I chose the text above, taken from the life of the great church planter Paul, to describe our similar situation as we begin our church in the village of Racos. Many of the folk here have known us from the first day we came into Racos. What a day that was…very many people responded to the publick preaching of the Word of God. Some of you will remember the photos from that wonderful first day. Unless we have been deceived, our manner among the Racosites for the past year and a half must be perceived as a strong, forward, yet friendly one; combined with a genuine concern for the souls, as well as the living conditions of that community. However, we all know that any work done in the name of the Lord Jesus will experience opposition from the world, flesh and Devil. Opening day in Racos was no exception.


In photo #6201 pastor Brent Logan, myself, (I am taking the picture) and one of our Hungarian ladies, acting as our interpreter are doing some visitation on the Hungarian side to remind those who have known our manner from the first day that their Bible Believing Church will begin the next day. The visits were answered with many promises of attendance and some even offered to bring flowers to beautify the house of God. As all positive thinking Christian workers…we were filled with great expectation. However, rumors abounded that many in this close culture planned to meet our intrusion with force. Maybe not physical force but social force. Love your neighbor…is not exactly practiced here. Threats to involve the police were mentioned. Not-so-kind words were exchanged when it was realized that we would bring the Gypsy children in with their parents to teach and preach the Word… to change their lives… to better their community. The world has some strange logic. Only source of wisdom is the Lord and His book. AMEN!!!!!!!!




Kids really…aren't kids wonderful…thank the Lord for kids…see photo 6205…the barn was full of them…maybe 50-60…singing with melody in their hearts and sitting still at the feet of Jesus listening to the a great Bible story. Actually it was the feet of Dan their teacher. Notice photo 6208 that Robin kept the nursery. An interesting thing took place while Robin kept the nursery at the gate…an old Hungarian woman argued with Robin for quite a long time telling her just how bad the Gypsy kids were…how they all make so much noise, fight, steal and cause general havoc…all this while she was standing well in sight of 50-60 Gypsy kids sitting quietly in the barn and being taught not to fight, steal, or cause general havoc from God's Holy Word.

Among all the promises…about 12 adult folk showed up and all of them at least 30 minutes late. Ah…what's time in Racos…Nothing really…unless you must meet a train to Brasov…then that's a different story. Many had lame excuses which we will have to preach and teach out of them if we can ever get them in…I think we will…when the church becomes a reality in this community and not just a pesky novelty. In photo 6207 pastor Logan prays for the morning service while the TWO translators stand by….that is correct…Bro. Logan preached in English…which was translated into Romanian…and then translated again into Hungarian…fun, fun, fun…on the mission field.

In Brasov that same morning we had a good attendance and one young lady from Budila got saved…Glory…Robin and Mary Bethany teamed up to lead her to the Lord…but she was already well primed by the great preaching from pastor Logan.

Personal……Sutek Family

I know many of you love my sweet daughter Mary Bethany and it pains you, like it does her mother and I to see her leaping into near adulthood…but I, as a confessed proud parent want all of you to know what Mary did last week. This 12 year old, 9th grade home-schooler climbed up in a cherry tree in our front yard…picked the cherries…took them to the kitchen… pitted them… washed them… made them into a filling… made the crust from scratch and baked and served me some of the best cherry pie I have ever put in my mouth… If I was blinded by love for her it sure did not affect my taste buds.

Making up the hedge on the eastern front

Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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