SWAT REPORT # 68 10-16-06

2Peer 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

VICTOR GOT SAVED I had the marvelous privilege to teach a group of young men the publick ministry this week. My class can be seen in Photo 6801. A Bible college started years ago by another missionary invited me for the second year to come and teach. I taught for a full week last year but did not have that much time this year. I taught 20 hours in three days this year. Strange as it may seem, one of the young men from Moldova named Victor let it be known that, although he was in Bible college he was not yet saved. Well, upon this information I changed directions slightly to include a very thorough study of how to lead someone to the Lord. Since these are first year Bible college students I thought this would be profitable for all of them but my aim was to the still soft heart of Victor. I used every support verse and illustration that I possibly could on simple salvation and all that it entails. Well, it paid off…Victor, on his own, on Wednesday afternoon, repented of his sin and trusted the Lord as his Saviour. Judging from his general countenance and openness I would say we can expect to hear about the Lord using him greatly in the future. Victor is right in the middle of photo 6802 holding the chain and ring illustration. I used this and everything else I had and knew about to illustrate simple salvation. This photo was taken before his salvation but oddly enough Victor was the only one who could make the chain and ring trick work. In photo 6803 you can see the guys in their class. Please pray for Victor and the other guys for the Lord to use them in the ministry.

I also ministered to the church which sponsors the Bible institute…see photo 6804…this was taken in the classroom because we had a church fellowship there. Their church has a very nice building.

NEW RECORD……….TYPICAL SUNDAY In photo 6805 you can see the Budila crowd getting out of the van…Moses is front and center…with Claudio to the right…they are the ones I mentioned last report who preached on their own to their friends, relatives and neighbors. It took awhile for the van to empty yesterday…as we had 22 total in the van designed for 9.

A typical Sunday for Bro. Logan, myself and our families would begin at 8:30 AM when I leave with the big van to pick up the Budila Gang. It takes about 25 minutes from my house to get to Budila. They all pile in…I choose my words carefully…and we arrive at the church at about 20 minute till 10 AM…my family and Bro. Logan and crew are already there and setting up. I or Bro. Logan teach SS to about 25 generally…and church occurs at 11AM with about 45-50. Bro. Logan usually preaches AM and then we decide how to split the transportation according to the needs. This week Bro. Logan took about 12 in the big van one hour drive to Racos to minister Sunday afternoon. I took Bro. Logan's van with 10 people in his 7 passenger van and went back to Budila with Mrs. Logan and her car jammed with 7 or 8 in a 5 passenger very small car. She and I delivered some of the Budila crowd back to their homes. I usually always go to Racos to either provide music or preach or both but this week one of our good men said he would go and play the guitar, which the people like for a change from the accordion. My family usually accompanies me but we had this week off. Bro. Logan returned from Racos at about 4:45 PM and dropped the Budila gang off at the center to pass tracts. He ran home for a few minutes of R&R and was back at the church at 6 PM where we joined him…I preached the PM service and then take the rest of the Budila gang home. Then we have from 8:30 till bedtime to just goof off. I remember observing the bus captains at Trinity Baptist Church in Jax. FL many years ago and admiring their sacrifice and diligence. Now I understand that more fully.

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