SWAT REPORT # 69 10-23-06

Luke 1:79 To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

If ever there was a verse wrested from its context…it will be the one above used to support the story below…forgive me but I am having some fun.

We had a really good Bible study in the village of Budila last Thursday night. The Gypsies there were challenged to live up to the name of "Christian" in accord with those who were given that name in Acts. 11… They were also warned not to be in violation of the third commandment in Ex. 20:7 in connection with this. Now, think of all the photos you have seen in previous reports concerning the very primitive conditions which exist in this village. We are about 20 huddled in one room with a single light bulb hanging from the center of the room…and they walk to a common well to get their water…you have seen a photo of this…In the middle of my closing prayer the light goes out…in fact all the lights go out in the whole village and in villages surrounding…it is black in the room…you cannot see your hand in front of your face…

several ominous blue lights appear…enough to see images and the doorway…what a strange phenomenon to happen in a remote Gypsy village in central Romania…what…what…what could it be…why cell phones…of course…yes many have cell phones in this village…they are nearly the cheapest thing in the village…but to me…I am several generations removed from cell phones and I was amazed as will all those in my generation reading this. Such is the amazing ministry in these diverse times just before the shout.

In photos #6902,03,04 you can see the weather changing…the snow can be seen on the surrounding mountains and the shepherds are dressed for warmth as the mornings are below freezing and the frost covers the grass. This is our third October here and it has become our favorite month…the snow on the mountains…the cold of morning and yet mid-60s in the strength of the sun…the color in the trees and the pleasant memories of holidays soon to come. I am sitting on my patio in short sleeves…a bit too warm in the sun…writing this report and suffering for Jesus. Please continue to pray for our busy, multifaceted, diverse, counsel-complicated, fast growing but very pleasant ministry.

In photo 6901 is a quaint glimpse of the city of Brasov…in the middle can be seen an open square where we have faithfully ministered now for over two years…and where the police have faithfully harassed us during our ministry. As our faithful readers know we have complied, or tried to comply with every law necessary for this ministry. We have now employed the services of a top flight attorney who is in the midst of a letter writing campaign which we all hope will avoid a court battle. It does appear there have been some changes…for last week we had no police encounter at all and this week we had one of our old combatant officers come and politely ask us…now pay attention…to change our location a simple 50 yards, to actually a little bit better place as far as people to preach to is concerned…so that we would be on the other side of a large building where he could not see us. He told us that he really didn't mind us doing this and he planned to cause us no further trouble if we, in turn would make it easy on him…you see…he told us that he must give account to his superiors as to what is in his sight upon the square…and if he can't see us…he can give that excuse. Can you see this stupid game we have had to endure for two years…either our actions are illegal and the police are under obligation to duty to take action against us…or we should be exonerated and given the liberty which the law allows…this is evidenced in black and white to us but to the average person here who has been educated to cower to the existing authority they usually simply melt. Hussssshhhhhhhhhhh….the policeman wants a bribe and we won't give him one…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuhhhh.

Last week I spent 6 hours standing in about 10 different lines and $30 MORE dollars to finish registering a vehicle. The person I bought the vehicle from had spent about 8 hours in as many lines to release the vehicle to me…and my mechanic spent about 8 hours in as many lines to accomplish what he could for me and without me. Bottom line…total about $350 and 22 hours of bureaucracy in order to register a vehicle…last time I did this in the states it took thirty minutes.

Keeping police, lawyers and bureaucrats well fed financially and spiritually on the eastern front

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ Call us sometime…from the states dial 011-40-268-477-243

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