SWAT REPORT # 84 05-21-07

Eph 6:21,22 But…Tychicus, (Chuck Zander) a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, …Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, …and that he might comfort your hearts.

Z-DAY The day we have been praying for, (besides the rapture) for two years has finally arrived. Robin named it Z-Day, like D-Day, only involving the Zander family. Yes, they are here and, after jet-lag, are ready to function. In photo # 8401 is the Zander family plus their interpreter, Johnny at the far left, in the church at Racos village. What a day that was, yesterday, when the whole church of Brasov converged upon the church at Racos for the Installation of Bro. Zander as pastor. In photo # 8407 is the church there at present…good start…great spirit.

Photo # 8402 shows the BIG THREE at the world conference at Racos for the installation of our new partner. Photo # 8403 is Chuck on his first hospital visit with Mihai and his family. Their new baby was the one in the hospital.

Photo # 8404 is "CHUCK'S CHEEP GYPSIE JEEP" after Mary Bethany fixed it up like a Christmas present in order that we might properly present it to him. And, photo # 8405 is the Jeep in use at Racos.

A NEW STREET PREACHER IS BORN In photo # 6406 Johnny, our double college student…that means he is in both Transylvania University as well as our Bible Institute, receives his new rank of "Street Preacher." He did very well. He also taught our adult SS class last Sunday and will bring a devotion at our Hospice service on May 28. Cornel ministered at the hospice last Thursday.

All is well with our family and our ministry…praise the Lord…thanks for your faithful prayer and support.

Notice…for the first time in about a year and a half we can see the bottom of the Chick tract barrel. We have enough for about 7 more street meetings…this knowledge is for use in case the Lord strangely moves on your heart…let us know…

Enjoying the new recruits on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.
Ezek. 2:5, Acts 20:26
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