SWAT REPORT #85   06-18-07

Luk 10:41  And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:

Luk 10:42  But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.


Sometimes I wonder if all the busy-ness in our ministry is not just what Martha was cumbered with…but then I remember that everything we do is directly connected to the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ…and for that we all praise the Lord.

Busy is what we have been…probably no one took notice but this is the first two-week period I have missed in sending a report…sorry…busy.  Let me catch you up to date

In Photo 8503 Peter, is graduating from our Bible institute.  He is the first one to complete the full course of 180 hours of study designed to quickly equip a man for the ministry.   Peter did very well in all his courses including, OT and NT survey, dispensational truth, manuscript evidence, cults, and preparation and delivery of sermons as well as the verse by verse Bible offered him through each week in our church.  Peter is a good man…I am a lover of good men and we look forward to his adding his gifts to the ministry here.  I led his wife Ana to the Lord here about two years ago…they have been married eight years and are praying for the Lord to give them children…pray with them…they will make very good parents.  A close-up of his diploma is in photo # 8507

The Zanders have settled into Racos and are nearly overwhelmed with the remodeling required before their family of 7 can dwell with some measure of comfort.  He is ministering fully there during all of this construction…please pray for them…this is a rough transition for all of them.

In photo 8504 Cornel is preaching on the streets of our city Brasov…it is truly great to see these guys open up the cannon of the Word of God in their own city.  All things considered they can do a MUCH better job publickly for our Lord than we Americans can…and they do…pray that all of our men will take that bold step for the Lord…We have some new men and their families coming to join with our church and they will add to our presence on the street…pray for Surgio, his wife Anny…pray for Ninal and his family moving from Bucharest.  Pray that Johnny will continue with us and with the Lord and will continue, also on the street.  In photo 8506 is some very young servants of the Lord…the boys belong to a visiting missionary Pat Boyle who journeyed some distance to learn publick ministry from us.  The girls belong to Bro. Logan…they are Bethany Ann to the left and Lydia on the right…go ahead, say no to a tract from any of these…I dare you…you big bully.

Photo 8501 shows our crowd “down by the river side” at a baptism we had this past Saturday.   Mary Bethany is kneeling in front, I am squatting second from right and Robin is keeping  the nursery in the car park. What a time we had singing, preaching to the naked heathen, baptizing the former heathen, and eating watermelon in the sand while the kids threw rocks in the flowing river.  Who was baptized???????????? Photo 8502 shows Johnny coming up out of the water with the excitement of the Holy Spirit upon him…wow…great…he takes front page on my website at present…

 Speaking of websites…our church here in Brasov now has our own…now you can learn Romanian fast…just listen to the audio sermons available at www.bbibv.ro    and you can join us in our services.  Comments welcome…Cornel is to be blamed for the whole site so don’t blame us…he did a great job.

 I have just finished a new book on the subject of “The Ministry.”  This book is everything I know and have learned in 39 years serving the Lord.  It is 63 pages on a WORD document.  The chapters are alliterated and are as follows.

The Monarch of the Ministry

The Man of the Ministry

The Musts of the Ministry

The Mind of the Ministry

The Manner of the Ministry

The Message of the Ministry

The Mechanics of the Ministry

The Moods of the Ministry

The Movements of the Ministry

The Money of the Ministry

The Marks of the Ministry

The Memorials of the Ministry

 This was written to be a textbook for our own Bible Institute class on preparation and delivery, and will be translated this coming year…but it is available to anyone and everyone to do with what they will.  I will post it on my website within the next 10 days.  Feel free to download it freely or print it for yourself, someone else, use it as a textbook for your prep and del class…give one to your pastor…just don’t sell them. 

I will let you know when it is posted…PLEASE READ IT AND USE IT…that is why it was written… “freely ye have received…freely give.”

 Finally, in photo # 8505…it shows you what we have to endure looking at when we drive to Budila in late spring and early summer.  It’s tough but someone has to do it.

 Enduring to the end on the eastern front
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