SWAT REPORT #89 08-03-07

Phm 1:2 And to our beloved Apphia, and Archippus our fellowsoldier, and to the church in thy house:

Well, for two and a half years we have had quite a visible presence as a church in Brasov, a community of nearly 400,000. Then the landlady wanted in on the soaring real estate boon and doubled our rent. It is understandable to NO ONE here how the market can sustain such astronomical prices. Certain that this is a direct result of Romania joining the European Union, this only adds to the terrible spiritual disaster brought to eastern Europe by this encroaching one-world antichrist movement. We are praying for a huge miracle to find property, either to build or repair, within the city that we could buy for a permanent location for the Biserica Baptista Independenta Brasov: please pray with us.

Until such a time of miracle the good Lord has supplied much nicer facilities free of rent on the grounds of Bro. Logan. Since his home was formerly a dairy farm there existed an old, dilapidated, full of rust, dirt, smelly straw, mud, rusted conduit for electric and water, rusted iron receptacles for feed and water, two billion cobwebs, and enough metal junk to redeem and feed a family of gypsies for two months. I would pay good money for a before-and-after photo…but it does not exist. Much work has been done by the good men of our church and starting this Sunday this old cow barn will be our meeting place. Many of you will remember when Buddy Cargill (now in heaven) made a church out of a chicken coop on his property. It was a mark of status in the ministry to be able to say, "I preached in the chicken coop church." Well, we will be preaching in the cow barn church this Sunday. The only draw back, and maybe this will turn to a blessing, is that it is 18 minutes out of the city so we may lose some walk-ins and occasionals, but we plan to do extensive evangelistic work in the village of Harmon and try to build that church with locals. In photo #8902 it shows our good men laboring to clear out the old church building. In photo #8903 it shows them working hard (ha) on the site of the new building…the building viewed in this photo is the actual church building at present. I will show you photos of the inside and our first service in the next report.

In photo # 8904 you can see most of our faithful folk (the camera was not able to get the rest in this one room) in our living room on this past Wed. PM. The new building was not quite ready.

"There's a new name written down in glory…and it's Cataleen."
Yes, we had a fine looking, 27 year-old man from Budila come to Bible study and church and when he was dealt with he trusted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour. His photo is # 8901. He has been consistent in services ever since and is now bringing his wife and children. Praise the Lord for the gleanings.

Many of you can testify to the natural beauty of this area of Transylvania, having visited us here. Brasov is nestled into the mountains which form a collar around most of the city. Much of the original wall has been restored and has become a major tourist attraction. In photo # 8907 is a souvenir photo of Brasov in the approximate year 1700. This is framed and hangs on our dining room wall. In photo #8906 is the part of the city that nestles into the mountains. I took 8906 just this week.

Photo #8905 is Robin and I with our newest baby, Baby Sergiu. Uh…that is, the newest baby in our church…just wanted to clarify that.

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We praise the Lord for all our faithful supporters both in prayer and finance.

I don't know if many of you have the facilities for such and I am going to mention here…but I took a 12 second video of singing during last weeks Bible study in Budila. I don't want to send it out to all for it may clog their computers but it will give you a good flavor for a Gypsy Bible study here in Romania. If you would like to receive this just reply and say, "video please" and I will send it pronto.

Moving forward against the enemy on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
2Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10

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