SWAT REPORT # 97   11-12-07

Act 1:8  But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Even though some would consider our ministry to be located in the uttermost part of the world...or at least Samaria...we still have our own Jerusalem and Judaea.  We moved the church 15 minutes out of the big city of Brasov to a small village named Harmon.  We have been hitting Harmon hard with a publick and house to house witness...we know that it is always profitable to put out the Word (Is. 55:11, Eccl. 11:1) and we minister with great anticipation but already we see some of the fruit of our labours...in photo # 9701 Anca and her daughter Ioana pose with a smile...why? because this past weekend Anca finally got it straight with the Lord.  One of our ladies explained very simply what the Lord required for salvation and Anca very simply....called upon the name of the Lord.   Although nearly every sermon made the plan as simple as possible Anca was full of pre-conceived distortions having studied with JW...Brethren...and Pentecostals...shortly after I went over it all with her again and got some more wrinkles ironed out with the Word of the Lord...she convinced me that she is saved and happy about it.

Photo # 9702 is Anna standing with Robin, my wife...both Anna and Anca live within a mile of our new church location.  Anna was saved as a young child but wants to be a vital part of our church.  She made a great effort to come to our street meeting in Brasov last Friday night and was very good at passing out John/Romans and tracts.  Praise the Lord for these early buds on our new ministry bush. 

Photo # 9703 shows Robin with some of the Gypsy kids from Harmon in her class...They really are lovely, wonderful and well behaved...it is a joy to minister to them.

Photo # 9704 is Adrian one of our college students from Transylvania U...I asked him the other day...if he could erase all other issues and circumstances and just press a button and be doing what he most wanted to do...what would that be...he shocked me by replying that he would most want to preach the gospel...we are talking to him now about Bible Institute...pray for Adrian...I invited him to come to the street meeting this Friday...I said he could just come and do nothing...or pass out tracts...or sing...and he interjected..."Or preach"...OH No...not another fanatic.

Christmas is just around the corner and look what is hanging out of our stocking in photo # 9705...Sergiu Jr...just 5 months old but looking forward to the big day.  He belongs to Sergiu and Eni in our church. I predict he will be a street preacher before he is 5 years old.

Finally, I try to include a bit of what our part of Romania looks  like...this mountain view...in photo # 9706 is within 40 minutes of our home...Our eyes do not suffer from serving our Lord Jesus Christ on the mission field.

Preaching the truth from the mountains, housetops and streets on the eastern front.

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Amos 5:10, 2Tim. 1:8

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