SWAT REPORT # 99 12-04-07

Psa 127:3  Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

The Blessing of Children
Truly we have been blessed with children.  I have done my share in ministering to mature people and I enjoy very much teaching Bible on a college level to adults, but what a blessing of the Lord it is when He puts lots of children in your path and gives you opportunity to fill their hearts and minds with the pleasant truths of the Lord.

In photo 9901 I ministered to 21 children (only 10 can be seen in photo due to size of room) on a cold night in Budila.  Most of them stood and listened with minimal interruption to the story of the boy's lunch in John 6 and how the greater part of that story is that the Lord "TOOK" the lunch.  I assured them that the good Lord would gladly take anything that we give Him with a true heart and what a blessing would result from this transaction.

In photo 9902 we see some of the children in our church nursery.  Six months ago our youngest and only child was Lydia Logan who is six years old.  Since then our church family has given birth to two babies, we had a family move from Bucharest with three small kids and a baby so now we have a church nursery.  Along with this nursery comes all the concerns and complications that normally accompany all nurseries.  We are currently dealing with these and with the new parents which are sometimes more of a problem than the babies.

In photo 9903 is just one of our many cuties, Rosa Maria, held by my favorite nursery worker...My wife Robin.

 In photo 9904 some explanation is necessary here because a quick photo could not capture all that was taking place.  There were 7 of us men on a street meeting singing when a whole class of children escorted by their adult chaperones arrived on the sceen.  We quickly ended the song and asked Cornel to preach.  He got a few phrases concerning the things of the Lord spoken when the chaperones figured out what it was all about and suddenly dispersed all vulnerable ears.  They got some of the message though and unless the adults took them away, they took home a John/Romans and gospel tract to read in their privacy and share with their parents.  Praise the Lord. In the photo Cornel is in the foreground to the far right.

Photo 9905 shows this same location as viewed from a nearby building and captures the beauty of our lovely tourist city and its many sights.Below is a poem of mine which reveals the foolishness these children will be warped by if we fail to give them the truth of the Bible.


 Why should I believe the scientist
While in his lab he cooks
To serve up half-baked atheists
From ever-changing books

 Why should I support the scientist
With costly government grants
While on the top Mt. Theory
He as a prince doth prance

 Why should I sit for the scientist
And listen to his lies so bald
His god the truth does ever twist
God clearly warns “falsely so-called”

 Why should I fear the scientist
And spend a billion dollars
When nothing ever was at risk
And yet for more he hollers

 Why should I respect the scientist
When his errors win Nobel prizes
He declares his errors with his fist
And never apologizes

 Why should I trust the scientist
Who once said the earth was flat
Whose ideas are less than purest
Who believes the king was once a bat

 Why should I hope in the scientist
When all he’s ever done
Is made life easy and longest
For those who can pay his sum

 I think I’ll retire the scientist
To the back side of the moon
He can dig and lie and harmlessly exist
With a flashlight and a spoon

Dispelling the foolishness of science falsely so-called on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
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