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SWAT REPORT 104   03-18-08

John 9:5  As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.



What a difference light makes in your life…think of all the changes Jesus made in this formerly blind man’s life…Jesus changed his countenance so much so that his neighbors were not sure it was really him.  A blind man has a certain countenance you notice at an instant glance and a lost man has a darkness in his eyes…lack of joy, hope, confidence in the future.  Jesus changed his conversation…no doubt he blamed the Lord for his condition…cursed God along with his mates…but now he is a defender of his healer even though he doesn’t know much about him…he is fearless and wise in his arguments against the Pharisees.  I wish all those who have received spiritual sight from the Lord Jesus would allow him to complete all these changes in them.

What a grand and wonderful Lord’s day we enjoyed this past week.  We had good attendance, good spirit, good teaching and messages from the Lord, and we had tears at the altar and testimonies to back them up.  On Wed. PM I have been preaching on the necessity of being filled with the Holy Spirit so that our church can enjoy the fruit of the Spirit…I am just beginning to see some evidence of this taking affect…and it is very encouraging.

I thought in this report I would give you some common sights we see weekly in this ministry and in this part of the world

In photo #SR104.01 you see the mail boxes inside a block (apt. house) where we have stuffed them with tracts…beautiful sight huh? I have done a lot of this since I walk a lot.   In photo #SR 104.02 and 03 Robin and Mary are teaching the Gypsy kids and doing appropriate crafts with them. The week following this photo Mary Bethany became Robin’s interpreter for the class, she is remarkable in the language. The kids absolutely love to do the crafts connected with their lesson.  You can see the monsters in our nursery in photo #SR104.04…they really are a couple of great babies growing up all too fast.  Photo #104.05 will supply you with an opportunity to thank God for your running water…(do it now before you forget and take it for granted)…this is in the village of Racos.  Photo #SR104.06 is also in Racos and will give your horse something to thank God for…HAY that’s a good idea.  Photo #SR104.07 begs your attention…this is a common sight in the city. In case it is not evident, the man in the center is bent and begging with his hat out.  Photo #SR104.08 is a funny…We have two Peters in our church…instead of calling them Old Peter and Young Peter we have tagged them 1st Peter and 2nd Peter…this is 1st Peter and I exchanging hats just for the fun of it and for the picture.  Lastly, winter hangs on just a bit with this scene close to our house with snow and one of the touristy sights…in Photo 104.09

 The Bible institute is really picking up steam as the guys get filled with the Word of God and get motivated to do something for God in their own country. Pray for Johnny, Danutz, Cornel, and Adrian.  They all come on the street…three of them preach publickly…Johnny also is the interpreter for Bro. Zander in Racos and he also preaches and teaches there.  Cornel is one of our interpreters in Brasov…he also teaches in our church.  He is a very good artist and we are putting together materials to do chalk drawings while we preach both on the street and in the church…can’t hardly wait.  Will supply you with photos as it happens.

 Johnny and Adrian invited us (Robin and I) to eat with them in their dorm room last Saturday night.  The dorm is co-ed so we sat in a small room with three girls sitting on the bed and two guys on the other bed and then the four of us trying to eat and have a holy conversation.  The dorm was an ungodly slime pit and I can’t imagine having to live there…our college students really need a lot of prayer.

 Would love to hear from you…either write back an email or call us on our US number at 850-390-4003…but remember we are 7 hours ahead of EST.

 Ministering in the Light of the Lord on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek
And the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Acts 5:42, Ez. 2:5

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