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SWAT REPORT # 109 06-20-08

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalm 68:11

THE PRINTED WORD The world is changing so very rapidly and we must adjust accordingly. I am not suggesting compromise, God forbid, but simply adapt methods of operation to serve the gospel efficiently to the world. For many years we received tracts printed in USA and sent by cheap mail. This is no longer an option. We have received many thousands of Chick tracts from many gracious donors who both bought the tracts as well as paid for the shipping. This has been a great blessing to us over the years and will redound to the glory of the Lord in sacrifice, faithfulness and souls. The present economy of the USA has resulted in the elimination of all low cost mailing. Everything must be sent via air mail which makes this blessing cost prohibitive. But the good Lord has opened a great, effectual door for ready availability of tracts…maybe even better than before and certainly more economical. The good Lord has made it possible for us to print and design our own literature.

In photo 109.09 Adam Zander has joined our ministry to direct the printing. His father, Chuck, pictured with him is our partner in the village of Racos. Adam is very skilled in this ministry and has begun to produce some very nice tracts. We are limited to B&W though, and still need several pieces of printing equipment. In photo 109.06 you can see one of our SS classes with Betty the teacher from our church…behind and beside Betty can be seen two of our printing machines. In photo 109.03 Cornel is working with another piece of equipment. Photos 109.01, 109.02 show our college students busy with another part of the process. Photo 109.04 is Mari (Cornel's wife) with the finished product. This is a tract which Cornel designed along the lines of a chick tract but very original. Photo 109.05 the assembly line comes to an end in a box ready for distribution. Photo 109.00 is a new tract that I designed special for Brasov and its many visitors. This is a mini-tourist guide tract. This tract idea could be adapted for many locations…help yourself.

Just a thought… if all those who used to pay for Chick tracts and the mailing would continue those donations we would soon be able to buy other necessary equipment and supplies…we use about 1,000 tracts per week so you can see that the printing operation over here still costs something but it provides us with instant tracts and is very much more cost efficient. Please consider this change in donation especially if you are one who believes in investing in the printed Word. Thanks

Photo 109.07 shows a great number of us on the street. Bros. Morgan and Boil, fellow Romanian missionaries drove three hours to be with us on the street and in our mid-week service. They brought their families and some of their church, pictured all in yellow scripture shirts, and were a great blessing to us.

WHO SAYS WE DON'T SERVE ON A DANGEROUS MISSION FIELD??????????? The newspaper last week showed a photo of a young, but big, bear that got hungry hanging out in the mountains and came walking into town looking for fresh meat. The article traced its journey within one block of our house the very path we travel daily, and into the center of town. This took place at 1:00 AM so we were all safely tucked into our beds. Of course, it would have been good to see Bear again…ha. We do have a few homeless drunks who sleep on the streets nearby…I wonder if they thought one of their buddies had grown a heavy beard.

Serving among the bears on the eastern front

Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ
Amos 5:10, 2Tim. 1:8

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