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SWAT REPORT # 127 06-06-09

Col 3:11 Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all.


I must admit I could not have pointed to a spot on the map where the Scythians occupied. Well, a couple of my preachers and myself just returned from a preaching trip where we preached to the Scythians along with not a few Barbarians, HA. Adrian and Danutz joined me on a missions trip to two places (Kiev and Chernivtsi) in Ukraine. This was their first time to travel and preach out of their own country. Mackey Isbell, (M.K. and son of veteran missionary, Tim Isbell) accompanied us as well. We had a very enjoyable and spiritually profitable time.

Perry Demopolis has been in Kiev, Ukraine for 18 years now and he has been quite productive. The good Lord has given him a sound church with some very strong men. See Photo # SR127.09. His men are not afraid or ashamed to go publick for their Saviour so we were privileged to join them on the streets of Kiev, a city of between five and six million. The Lord coordinated our ministry with Kiev Days…a city-wide holiday widely celebrated. We began with a street meeting at the train station. The pedestrian movement was extraordinary with human waves passing every minute. In Photo # SR127.01 the man in the middle was sincerely moved by the preaching and personal witness and I led him in prayer for the salvation of his soul. His name was Petro and he was 24 years old. Glory to the Lord. Mackey Isbell is preaching on the left through an interpreter on the right in Photo # 127.02. Notice my new banner flying just to the left of Mackey. Then we all went to the center of holiday activity Photo # SR127.03 (Nice little statue huh?) Notice the banner again flying high. I wait till someone is looking at the banner and them give them an identical tract associated with the banner. It is a wordless message I believe the Lord will use. The banner also preaches really well. In Photo # SR127.04 notice what we are preaching to. There were easily 10,000 people on the blocked off street and we caught a good number of them. There were four who were personally dealt with and were saved. Praise the good Lord. Perry is preaching in Photo # SR127.05 and using the judgment banner to direct their spiritual attention. It is difficult to preach loud and hard and smile at the same time. Perry is a nice guy but this photo doesn't depict that. Danutz and Adrian take their turn in Photos # SR 127.06, and .07. We finally "fired" the interpreter and preached in English and had an amazing response though most in the audience spoke Russian or Ukrainian. All the preachers gathered in Photo # SR 127.08. Perry and I in the center are framed by our preacher-boys.

In Photo # SR127.11 it is quite easy to be pictured among the greats when the group is mostly failed Communists. Believe it or not they teach in the public schools in Ukraine that Russia is credited with winning WWII and saving Great Britain and USA from certain disaster. Isn't the judgment going to be quite interesting???

We left Kiev to minister with Tim Isbell and his ministry in Chernivtsi (I know, I can't pronounce it either.) Bro. Isbell has been here in this area for nine years. This is his second work. This is a very hard area because it is village work as opposed to big-city work. In Photo # SR127.12 Bro. Isbell shows us the ropes of publick ministry in the weekly market. We preached two markets and got swiftly kicked out of the larger second. The bully communist rent-a-cop was much too aggressive for the liking of either Bro. Isbell or myself and a scene occurred. But, being nearly finished anyway and realizing that we WERE on private property, we begrudgingly left; but certainly not without manly, yet not unseemly, resistance. Bro. Isbell is no wimp on the street and we were all very pleased to join him in his ministry.

In Photo # SR127.13 is a monument to Anti-Stalin. The pinko-Commies came into Bro Isbell's village shortly after WWII and made an attempt to subdue the village. The names listed on the monument are those who were manly enough to resist these bullies and thus, were killed. It seems appropriate that this monument is mile from Bro. Isbell's home. I have always said that the finest contribution that Communism has ever made to the world was cheap concrete…AMEN!

We left for home and then remembered that we had left Adrian behind just hanging in there. See Photo # SR127.10

Thank you Lord for a safe trip and something eternal to do in return for all that You have done for us.

Traveling and preaching by VISA from the Lord along the eastern front.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.

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