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SWAT REPORT # 131   08-03-09

   …What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.

About 60 yards from my front gate is an apartment used by the Mormon church in which a couple of missionaries live until they are rotated elsewhere.  Nearly a year ago I noticed (as if they were not obvious enough) a couple of M missionaries walking up my street as it their day had ended and they were nearing home.  The Lord put an idea in my mind and heart and not long after that I was able to talk with them.  Understand that there is a camaraderie here in that we are fellow Americans and that works in, around and through the theological chasms. They were really nice guys, aren’t they all, and we found some common ground.  I told them who I was and what we were doing here.  I made them an attractive offer. I invited them to an American home-cooked meal if they would agree to discuss theology with my Bible institute men.  The only glitch, for them of course, was that they were only allowed to use a King James Bible.  That meant that they had to defend and argue their Mormon doctrine without the benefit of the book of Mormon or any other extra-biblical helps. To my amazement, they agreed.  We set a time…they marked it…we invited our men…we made a meal…they did not show.  Well, we were all disappointed but knew this would be a likely happening.  I wrote them a nice note but scolded them for their inexcusable unfaithfulness and I included a small pamphlet which exposed Mormon doctrine very well.  I put the note and the pamphlet on their doorstep and later that night about 10PM they rang my bell and made a convincing apology.  They wanted to set another date but I thought not.  Well, they rotated out and a new couple (meaning two, not husband and wife) settled in.  I waited for the right moment and  made the same offer.  By now the news had run through their grapevine and they had heard about us.  They were willing also but their schedule and ours could not reach compatibility and this was legitimate.  Well, they rotated out and the third couple settled in.  I befriended them, they were well acquainted with the situation…were baffled  why the first couple had defaulted and heartily agreed to my offer.

In photo # 131.01 from left to right is Tom from Las Vegas, Brock from Canada, then our men, Danutz, Doreen, Adrian and Cornel at the end of the  table.  Photos #131.02, 03, 04 is the same from different angles. After a great meal we went at it like gentlemen at war for most of two hours.  I had instructed our men that I was not going to enter into the banter but serve as a moderator…so win, lose, or draw it was their war.

This turned out to be one of the most difficult promises I have ever made and nearly kept.  Our goal was first to show them their error and win them to Christ.  Second, to sharpen our swords for future battles.  Well, the second goal was a success but we realized no satisfaction on the  first goal. 

Photo # 131.06 shows the books they brought but had agreed not to bring into the conversation.  This was like cutting off their major artery.

I commended these fine young men for their courage and their failed attempt to prove their Mormon god superior to our Once-and-for-all Saviour and soon coming Prince of Peace. 

Allow me to sum it up quickly before they knock on your door in a minute.  They have and use a King James Bible… this is true… but on every point at which their doctrine ran amuck to God’s Word they have a footnote with a translation correction written by, none other than….. Joe Smith.  You see, they believe the KJB is God’s Word “as it is correctly translated.”  And the one who decides this conveniently happens to be the very one who wrote Mormon doctrine which is totally contrary to the KJB.  This trick is Catholic in its origin…the Catholics believe the Bible, just ask them, as long as it agrees with the writings of the popes and church fathers.  Boy, is that ever convenient to our changing times and chameleon religions.  

At the end I said this.  “You have heard our testimonies, you know what we believe and enjoy…what happens when we die outside of the Mormon church?” They said, “Hey, you guys are doing fine…you know your Bible better than we do.  When we die we all go to the spirit world and there we are not too sure what the course of events are.” I then asked them what advantage it might be for us to convert to Mormon.  Listen, do you know what they said…you won’t believe it…they said, “You get another book.”

 Changing the subject…a few months ago we had a pretty serious police encounter of the third kind (you would have to read my book “I AM NOT ASHAMED”).  Five of us were hauled off to a personal interview with the  authorities downtown.  In photo # 131.O6 if you look close you can just see my face in the  window of  the paddy wagon being escorted for our interview.  Danutz is slightly seen beside me.  Nothing came of this exciting one-way journey except for a lively discussion walking back home. 

 One more thing…in Photos #131.07, 08 is the fine personal testimony pamphlet we used to guide our conversation with the Mormons.  I recommend it to all serious Bible defenders…Bro. Richard Benson and his wife Cindy wrote it and you can get copies if you email Bro. Benson at


Enjoying some hand to hand  combat on the eastern front
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ.

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