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SWAT REPORT # 132   08-25-09

Psa 71:18  Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.


The verse above describes my past week perfectly.  A grayhead “shares” with this generation.  The generation gap really does exist, but we need to bridge it more often.  The world has given up on bridging this gap but with the Lord as the bridge it can be done.

Veteran missionary Chris Rue invited me to be the preacher for his youth camp near Odessa, Ukraine.   The good Lord gave me some neat ideas to illustrate my messages with balloons and I got very excited.  I made a stop along the way in Moldova and preached with missionary Paul Hamilton.  He has been there 12 years…has a great ministry…I preached in his church and the next day we went on the street together in his communist country…see Photo 132.01. No one got saved but one man got mad…really mad…threatened to kill us if we were not gone in 10 minutes…well, it took us that long to chew our fingernails off but he never showed up again…PTL.

I moved on to the camp in Ukraine.  About 70 teens, 10 missionaries and wives and I get to preach to these morning and night…see Photos 132.02,03.  I got to fellowship   with many friends from years gone by such as Perry Demopolis serving in Kiev…Chris Rue serving in Odessa…Paul Hamilton serving in Moldova…Mike Ireland=Ukraine, and new missionary friends such as Mark Priem=Odessa, Jeff Christian=Odessa, John O’Brien=Ukraine, Paul Gray=Ukraine…hope I did not miss any.  There were also several national pastors and their teens there.   I was thrilled to do an accordion/harmonica duet with my old accordion student Perry Demopolis…see Photo 132.04.  The teens paid great attention but they also had lots of fun…see Photo 132.05 they are enjoying a water balloon fight.  We had two saved at Bro. Rue’s church…a 16 year old boy in the AM…and a 14 year old girl in PM…they both gave glorious and tearful testimony of their salvation.  The altar was kept warm with prayer…see Photo 132.06 and I truly  believe many lives were eternally affected.  Most all of the group is pictured in Photo 132.07.

It was a fabulous week and one I will remember till the rapture next week.  

Lastly, the Weimer family, veteran missionaries to Dresden, E. Germany were with us for a visit.  These are old friends of ours and  we had such a wonderful time together…one of the greatest blessings in the service of the  Lord is that you get to make friends with the greatest people on earth.

Serving the Lord with the best of friends on the eastern front.
Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ…2 Tim. 1:8

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