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SWAT REPORT # 143 07-19-10

Psa 121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.


What does a missionary do on his day off? He tries to refresh…actually I like to get high…ah…that is high up on the mountain. About three blocks from our house Mary and I began a serious climb up a real mountain. In photo 143.03 you can see how high we got. Mary is in the foreground on the left and our house is marked on the right side by a big white X. Ours is the house directly below the X. The city of Brasov spreads out beyond. This is a city with a population of nearly 400,000 and we are about 65% finished with putting tracts in each mail slot.

As we started back down we took another path through the woods. It was pleasant for about half a mile then it began to descend sharply…we had no choice but to continue…it became nearly vertical and we were slipping and sliding and grabbing branches…this went on for quite a while when the path ended abruptly in the back courtyard of a Gypsi home. Everyone came outside to observe this once-in-a-lifetime experience of an American old man and a Filipina teen girl entering their courtyard by an impossible route. We greeted them, apologized and asked if we could exit through their front gate. In stunned amazement they agreed and we disappeared. Ho hum…just another day in Romania.


We were a fine group that met Sunday AM…The kids from the children’s home came and some other visitors and this is what we looked like. See photo 143.01 and 143.02. Everyone knows it is most difficult to get folk out for church in this late Laodicean period but our many evangelistic efforts pay off little by little.


While cooking bacon on the grill I see this scene right over the back fence. Photo 143.04. And the Gypsies are busy this time of the year working as a family to bring in something for the livestock to eat in the winter…this photo also over my fence. Photo 143.05


Daily Bible reading is a rule for EVERYONE in our home…In photo 143.06 you can see our mutt Paprika (Mary’s High school graduation present) obeying the house rule.

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