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SWAT REPORT # 153 FEB. 22, 2011

1Co 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

Rev. 3:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


In June of 2010 the Lord settled a long-standing struggle in our hearts concerning returning to the Philippines.  There were absolutely no funds on hand to make a trip like this, but the Lord assured us that this was the right time to return and minister after praying about this for sixteen years.  The funds came, and we returned as He directed, and we praise the Lord.

 While we were in the PI, the Lord opened a great door of opportunity.  There are many pastors there who are doing “a great work” (many of whom I trained in publick ministry sixteen years ago).  They have been praying for a Bible-believing Bible institute to become available in their area to train young men in solid Bible doctrine and also to inspire and direct these young men into the many doors of ministry that stand open in the Philippines.

 The good Lord moved upon my heart in a very definite way to help provide this.  The Lord has guided my life and ministry for the past forty-three years in very unique ways that have put all the tools for such a ministry into my hands.  It is the right time for this to be established.  By this I mean that the door in the Philippines is standing wide open.  There are more opportunities to minister there than the number of good men that I could train in the next twenty years. 

 Also, this time in my life is the perfect time. The ministry we have enjoyed for the past six and a half years in Romania is fast approaching the point of self-perpetuation that is the goal of every Pauline missionary.  My education and experience in the ministry are both suited for and sufficient to this opportunity.  I have both the health and the desire to engage in this ministry.  My family is ready for this change. 

 All these factors have come together at this time for the fulfillment of the purposes of the good Lord who “…hath made all things beautiful in his time…” (Ecc. 3:11). 

 Our family will take a brief furlough (our very first) in the US from September thru December.  During this time we will try to take as many meetings as possible in order to present this new work before churches.  We want to share this door of opportunity with as much of the body of Christ and our brethren as the Lord will allow.  We plan to be in place in the Philippines to begin this new work by the first of 2012. 

 This is a permanent move.  We have much to accomplish in a short time and as they come to our knowledge the details will be provided to all those who support us both in prayer and fellowship.  For the immediate time, we hope and pray that you will join us in our excitement and plans to take full advantage of this “great effectual door” standing open for us.

 Below is a paragraph from Bro. Brent Logan, giving his support to this new venture in our ministry.

 Dear brethren,

It has been the joy and privilege of my life and ministry for the last 6 1/2 years to work with Bro. Gerald Sutek.  Our two families have labored together this entire time in Romania in complete harmony.  Bro. Sutek and I could not be closer.  We have never had an argument or a single falling out on any issue.  Our relationship has been unique and blessed by our Lord for the sake of the gospel.  For the cause of the furtherance of that gospel, the Sutek family is following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and entering an open door to the Philippines.  While we will greatly miss their fellowship when they depart from Romania, we are supporting them 100% in this endeavor for our great Saviour.

Your servant for Christ sake,

Brent Logan

 Below also is a supporting pastor who has been close to our ministry for quite some time.

  In 2010 my wife, some of the folks from my church , and I had the privilege of visiting Bro. Sutek and his family over in Romania. I was blessed by the quality of the work there and how well the nationals had been trained to stand for and proclaim their faith. It was good to see the Logans and Suteks working together with one heart and mind to build an indigenous work there in Brasov. Now I am equally excited to hear of God calling Bro. Sutek to the land of the Philippines to train nationals to build Bible believing Baptist churches. I know that the Logans will miss them, but now there will be 2 countries that will be benefiting from the preaching and teaching of the Word of God from these men! I have taught for years that when we as a church support a missionary, we support the man, regardless of where the Lord may lead him. Our church looks forward to continuing its support of a faithful man and his family as they follow along the path that God leads them!

Keep looking unto Jesus!
Dave Dunbar


Attached is a flyer for the Beale Street Blitz.  I plan to be on the scene helping to teach, preach, and lead the faithful army of courageous, publick ministers in their annual shock-and-awe witness against the evil that prevails on this street.  Will you join me???

 Would love to hear your reply to this news either via email or phone.  You may call us on our Vonage phone which is a Florida # for you but rings at our home in Romania 7 hours AHEAD of EST. 850-208-3773.

 Gerald Sutek and the SWAT TEAM for Christ…
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