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4 08, 2022

SWAT Report # 318 July 2022


SWAT REPORT # 318  August, 2022 2Ti 2:2  And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. TEACHING OTHERS TO TEACH OTHERS TO TEACH OTHERS TO TEACH OTHERS TO I realize that I used this text and theme often, but it is the heartbeat of the ministry here and God forbit it should ever fail to be the heartbeat of any ministry anywhere.  This must also be the heartbeat of the Lord Himself for He mentioned it again back in Deut. 6 that [...]

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2 03, 2022

Preaching by Proxy


PREACHING BY PROXY It probably means little or nothing to most all of you, but it means very much to me…maybe I’m weird.  When I was 12 years old my folks moved from Canton, Ohio, to Jacksonville, Florida.  I decided to go with them lest they get lost along the way.  The year was 1957, you can do the math.  For Mom and Dad it was a tremendous economic challenge which they met with a great effort.  To a punk kid like me it was from Earth to Mars.  Dad signed me up to start public junior high school in a [...]

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